Statement on Cessation of Hostilities violations

The Troika Heads of Mission of the United Kingdom, United States, and Norway share the deep concern recently expressed by IGAD Council of Ministers Chairman Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu about violations of the December 21 Cessation of Hostilities (CoH) agreement. The Troika strongly condemns these violations. We call on all CoH signatories, and the field commanders who answer to them, to immediately end all military operations, abide by their CoH commitments, and put the South Sudanese people’s well-being ahead of their own narrow political interests.

We also call on all CoH parties, and every level of government, to abide by the November 9 Presidential Order for unfettered humanitarian access. We further call for full cooperation with CTSAMM in meeting its CoH responsibilities, and with UNMISS in carrying out its UN Security Council mandate – as both are working for the South Sudanese people’s greater good.

The Troika resolutely reasserts that field commanders, and their political superiors, will be held accountable for violating the CoH, impeding humanitarian aid, and hindering CTSAMM and UNMISS operations.

Lastly, we commend IGAD for its leadership of the High-Level Revitalization Forum. We insist all participants engage in the Forum with seriousness of purpose and genuine commitment to bringing lasting peace to the South Sudanese people.