Statement by U.S. Ambassador to South Sudan Michael J. Adler About Reports of Abductions

Each year, the United States dedicates the month of January to raising awareness about human trafficking.  During this month, the U.S. Government reaffirms the importance of commitment throughout the year to end human trafficking, which constitutes one of the worst categories of human rights violations.  We also honor the achievements of those who are dedicated to raising awareness about this important issue and who are working to end human trafficking.

Human traffickers often take advantage of instability caused by conflict to exploit others.  In South Sudan, we are gravely concerned about reports of women and children being abducted, including within the context of subnational violence.  We are equally concerned by continued reports of the recruitment and use of child soldiers.  We renew our call for South Sudan’s leaders to act with urgency to end subnational violence and to hold accountable those responsible for abductions and for all other forms of human rights violations, including child soldier recruitment.