Civil Rights are Essential to Achieving Peace and Prosperity

The United States supports South Sudan’s aspiration to become a fully united, peaceful, just, and prosperous society based on respect for human rights and the rule of law.  These ideals are enshrined in the Transitional Constitution and the Revitalized Peace Agreement which provide the framework for the conduct of politics and governance while upholding the values of human dignity and equality.

The Transitional Constitution speaks to the rights and duties of all South Sudan’s citizens, stating that “every citizen shall have the right to the freedom of expression” and that “the right to peaceful assembly is recognized and guaranteed.”

For unity, peace, justice, and prosperity to prevail, South Sudanese must exercise their constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and assembly, and access to justice and a fair trial.  The United States calls on South Sudanese, their government, and particularly the security services to commit to the conduct of politics and governance only through constitutional, free, fair, peaceful, and credible democratic processes, while shunning violence and actions outside the constitutional framework.